On the Autobahn (just after Midnight)

On the Autobahn just after midnight
Running into traffic at 200km/h
All that is left is unintelligible
Pains perfect and panes lightless
Footless roads
Bear mercy for their anonymity
The vacancy of potholes

Oil Slick confounds Rainbow
‘Simply not the same, though’
The disclaimer of disclaimers
Tyrannous disdain
Everything’s fucking insane


The Real World at One


Leap off the balcony

With an noose around my neck


Disappointed leers from below

Not for the noose 

But for the boom of BBC Radio 4

For which I was once fond of.


My face purples 

As I dangle between 7 & 8

The Real World at One. 


I told you, I’m not an ordinary son

But now I’m done.

My class duality on a feverent run,

The Real World at One.