Static at the Station

Stasis and I’m static at the Station

As it derails,

Stasis, tell me what the state is

What its status is

Stationary as the status quo

Though the Union eulogy was manufactured long ago

For mass industrial woe

And I was already dead.


“I would rather participate in Life than write a 100 stories” Thomas Mann

Lonely in the middle of the station

Sitting, waiting, watching, observing, yearning

Intensely private and privately intense 

Attempt to ignore a flicking flux of state 

As I get up and make my way to Platform 8


My static and solitary peregrinations

Cyclical deliberations


Looking and longing for destination that doesn’t exist 

And never will


Three-fold a thousand souls

Wildly eclectic 

Serenity in the hectic


Hungry for truth 

Yet an appetite for ignorance

Rumbles and persists.