Poetry: A House by the Sea

This is truly terrible but hey: it’s one of my first attempts so, be nice or at least easy on the scorn.


A House by the Sea 


The cacophonous concrete hustle and bustle,

The neuroses and trivialities of the urban arena, nihilistic and unsympathetic . Evaporate.


For here is not a pit of corporate conference rooms and cubicles.

Uncorrupted and unkempt, encircled by long grass sits a thatched white cottage,

Upon the edge of an eroding precipice.


Below reside white waves.

Majestic but malevolent, they thrash into the limestone façade,

claiming fractions of the descent, day after day-

The transience of land to sea.


One day this cottage, uninhabited, will wash into the sea.

But for now remains a house by the sea.

Unspoilt and free.