An upcoming short-story: Endtroducing, for your gratisfaction…

I’m currently not so hard at work on a short story which can only be best described as a series of conversations and inter-connectedness (well, connected by me and my eavesdropping alone) that will feature real conversations (with my own editorial liberties!). Comparisons to existing work are as follows: For those who are aware of Richard Linklater’s independently-made “Slacker” a 1991 film that would later become a 90’s zeitgeist-ish buzz word. Anyway, it charts and documents the lives of an ensemble of twenty-somethings (predominantly bohemians and misfits) living in Austin, Texas.

Uniquely audacious and contrarian in its narrative execution. Legitimately you would be completely correct stating it’s very much a plotless, directionless film. The following is pulled from Wikipedia: “Never staying with one character or conversation for more than a few minutes before picking up someone else in the scene and following them.” It is the aforementioned which I wish to capture, in the currently-named “Vignettes” or “Endtroducing, for your gratisfaction: The death of the story”. It’s a working title, don’t you know? However I wish to transport it into the context of a short-story and not a rigidly-formatted screenplay as well as present-day (or the last 12 months of documenting conversations) London and not early-nineties Austin.

The eventual product should be something that challenges pre-convinced ideals of what a story should and could be, through disassembly of narrative. Or am I over-stating a stagnating turd of an idea? Let me know what you think…. If anyone is reading this.

Dick Writes Diatribe

P.S Expect infrequent blog posts due to my laziness and the considerable duration it takes to plan, draft and what not, a short-story. But it’s mostly my laziness and abject lack of writing capability/talent.