The Human Limitations


An agglomeration of factoids 

The inexorable march of thought androids

Wearing the latest hubris

On the steel lapels of cognition

A digital rendition  (Daisy)

The Creator’s face sagged somewhere near perdition


The  Trumpets in Leaves

He breaths, thoughts weaving

Chest, heaving

Trumpets in dreams

He beams

Out of REM: An idea?

Troubles in dreams

The page remains white


Bicycle thieves, escape

Blowing Trumpets, triumphant

Eternal Wonder, snatched

Past the concrete Watchtower, barbed wire and CCTV

The inconsequential suburban street. 


The Nocturnes play

Moribund and grey

Turn away from it all

He clutches his temples

and prays

To Two Gods of Two Dead Doctrines.


Litigate to placate

Piles of  paper have grown 

Virgin and untouched

Looser looser

‘When did I loose her?’

Parochial tee total 

The cracks in the  wall


Tighter, tighter.


The nihilistic swirl 

In an unreliable container

Utter senselessness 

Running through heavy rain

He dies screaming.


Topography of the mind

I’ll leave this entirely to you. Note the upper-cases.

Topography of the Mind

Boat rides on a Midnight River

Lost on the particulars and the purgatorial

Fall resides on what we cannot deliver


The Hinterland; within and outside it

A cognitive exile


Growing in a grassroot Desert

Ploughing for many zealots


Eroding the fortitude

And the forted Citadels of the Unconscious too


In the mirror of the Factory line

Two odd arcs

Up through the Spine

A discordant harmony

Pushing parallel

Up and up

Toward their disconnected epiphanies


And it was almost harmonic



Almost meaningful


Now the factory is dead

It was organic after all


Cockroaches crawl triumphant.