NO FUTURE – A student magazine (Featuring Pete Paphides Interview)

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The pessimism is liberating I believe, though some have lamented that I’m merely unduly gloomy and fatalistic (Growth for growth’s sake is the ideology of a cancer cell?)
The spectre of shameful typos will haunt me forever. I did ask Joe (our creative director) to correct it. Admittedly it was my responsibility.

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My (somewhat awkward) interview with music journalist and broadcaster Pete Paphides

A (somewhat awkward but entirely well-intentioned) interview with music journalist and broadcaster Pete Paphides in which he answers my inane mumbles of questions with humility and humour re: the music press, industry, bands et al. I was ecstatically excited (this isn’t evidenced in my terrified stutters) to acquire such an interview. I could explain the cumbersome tale that lurks behind the acquisition of Pete, but I’m far too idle and far from a natural story teller.

Through the kitchen door, I peek Caitlin Moran (almost voyeuristically but not quite, or at all) hammering deftly behind a MacBook for the imminent deadline of her ‘Royal Jubilee’ themed column, Pete later informed me. That is, before she left. I suppose that’s another potential interview, right? (note to self: don’t entertain such ridiculous notions).

While drinking tea from a Fotheringay mug (Pete explains the origin of which in a fleeting interlude towards the end of the interview), I shoot the breeze with their superbly articulate 11 year-old daughter (that wasn’t intended to sound patronising by the way) on all things Blue Peter related, including her badge (one of two I am informed) for last year’s Royal Wedding diorama made entirely from egg shells (if my memory doesn’t fail me) and her upcoming secondary education.

Pete returns almost as quickly as he left (forgive my trite and simple story telling) post Moran drop-off and the interview begins. Admittedly it’s clumsily edited in parts but almost in it’s entirety (minus some unnecessary absences and mumbles which have been cut). Enjoy.