Mushroom Clouds (VIDEO)


Verses can be found here

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I’ve taken the liberty of using and editing some Soviet H-bomb test footage found here as well as a quiet sampling of Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades” (unintentionally ironic, yes?) for its atmospheric qualities in addition to a foreboding BBC transmission standby card.

The poem itself, is up to you.


Mushroom Clouds

Image by Jonathan Ducruix

The Quiet New Born

“His name was Alexei”

They mourned


Under a silent sigh and a cobalt streaked sky

(no stimuli)

The lights of every city run away

(no laughs)

On the last train out

(no cries)

The inconsequence  of 100 Billion Lies


Under a treacly black dome

Tracks should rattle 

Where a vacuum inhabits


The space and time 

Where fleeting fits 

of joy

Loved and boomed

Lived and bloomed


Now button-pressers prattle 

Hush: Ignore the reasons.

It blooms.