Mushroom Clouds (VIDEO)


Verses can be found here

[Shameful quantity of typos amended]

I’ve taken the liberty of using and editing some Soviet H-bomb test footage found here as well as a quiet sampling of Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades” (unintentionally ironic, yes?) for its atmospheric qualities in addition to a foreboding BBC transmission standby card.

The poem itself, is up to you.


Nihilism with a human face // Impromptu thought for Wenesday 29th February 2012

The obituary is a weighty tome. And these are some more lines in it


This feeling shall too past

(But you already knew that)

Where ideas fall through like water through fingers

In a ripple of tumult and absence

What happened to those other brain cells you had?


The struggle to comprehend the enormity of it all

Told to avert and gaze towards the mall


The weight of accumulated wisdom

And heavier accumulated ignorance

The weight of stories told

And those no longer stories


Spare the hackneyed

Though I’m only perpetuating

The trite

Try as I might

To recite something

Right, for once.


But, there’s nothing to recite

The present becomes history in a second