Mushroom Clouds (VIDEO)


Verses can be found here

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I’ve taken the liberty of using and editing some Soviet H-bomb test footage found here as well as a quiet sampling of Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades” (unintentionally ironic, yes?) for its atmospheric qualities in addition to a foreboding BBC transmission standby card.

The poem itself, is up to you.


Life’s a Gas (This is Inert)

It’s noble
Like Argon, Life’s a Gas and we’re inert
A creative Hindenburg, I asked you to combust
To Inflame me
Overstimulated with your hydrogenous,
androgynous smile
The one I would come revile
I exploded
Disfigured and unsightly
Naked as I was

Your disquieting muse
Walking and Smoking
Stagnant Filaments and fuses have smoked
Lights out and you’re disquieted
I failed to adhere to the rules, rules, rules

As T-Rex said “it doesn’t matter at all. Life’s a Gas”