I’ve no time to write (or rather re-write and revise and flesh-out) recently so this here’s something I was going to scrap or revise for another time…


– Stay in the car and off the border road, Mr OECD, your suffering is invalidated here.

– But decline, but nuance, no ounce heavier than another-

– No ounce heavier than another? Haw haw, Mr OECD, the Global South asked for your joke book this Christmas, the inocentes, from the merry pranksters, but their rainforests, you know, were, you know, gone. You’ve kissed the feet of John the Bapiste, bought off the militias from laying siege to your shipping container and pinned the supreme 150 year-old dutifully to your left breast?  You’ve hidden trade unionists and your Orientalist friends under the stairs, denied shaking hands with your master, hand behind back for what seemed like a 1000 years…his leather boots pressed on…?

– …

– Stay in the car Mr OECD, your suffering is no good here.