Life’s a Gas (This is Inert)

It’s noble
Like Argon, Life’s a Gas and we’re inert
A creative Hindenburg, I asked you to combust
To Inflame me
Overstimulated with your hydrogenous,
androgynous smile
The one I would come revile
I exploded
Disfigured and unsightly
Naked as I was

Your disquieting muse
Walking and Smoking
Stagnant Filaments and fuses have smoked
Lights out and you’re disquieted
I failed to adhere to the rules, rules, rules

As T-Rex said “it doesn’t matter at all. Life’s a Gas”


Deep Readers of the World, beware!

After a convoluted stream of clicks I discovered a great, forgotten  article: DEEP READERS OF THE WORLD, BEWARE! Saul Bellow, writing in the February 15th 1959 edition of the New York Times warns of abstraction and the dangers of symbolism in Literature and beyond. I don’t use “must read” lightly. I hope.

I discovered the article through yet another article on the conscious and sub-conscious role and decision of symbolism by prominent literary minds of the 20th Century: I did say convoluted of stream clicks, didn’t I?

Conclusively, I can only add, the closer you look the less you see, eh?

Topography of the mind

I’ll leave this entirely to you. Note the upper-cases.

Topography of the Mind

Boat rides on a Midnight River

Lost on the particulars and the purgatorial

Fall resides on what we cannot deliver


The Hinterland; within and outside it

A cognitive exile


Growing in a grassroot Desert

Ploughing for many zealots


Eroding the fortitude

And the forted Citadels of the Unconscious too


In the mirror of the Factory line

Two odd arcs

Up through the Spine

A discordant harmony

Pushing parallel

Up and up

Toward their disconnected epiphanies


And it was almost harmonic



Almost meaningful


Now the factory is dead

It was organic after all


Cockroaches crawl triumphant.