speak and be saved

What men’s desire did to those that allowed themselves to be women, what did I do,
And I failed her? I failed her, I failed her, I failed her. I failed her.
to binge on the thought,
that Spider plant fringe
interminable shades, piercing Tropez
Stop, stop, stop. You failed her, you atavistic Neanderthal. Fuck.

Here am I with South African warlords,
Brit actors, the untaken alleys of the 20th Century
There’s no place to be cresting and falling over Urbana
To be resting, disinterest and distressing
TSA pat me down
All the intimacies for a day

You smoke, you, you smoulder, you stagnate, you write to be remembered, you deny you’re ardent for glory but you can’t be saved. You smoke.
“Maybe only a man’s love can redeem you now.”


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