By this point, I’ve abandoned writing. Can a law undergraduate at a not so emphatically-academic (The University of Law produces no research) university and a past of English Lit and Philosophy be reconciled? I don’t know.




Mournful repose, without poetry
Unexamined, yet perhaps,

Minerva’s owl mocketh
What, a damn crocketh
Of shit,
This lit, this biblio,
No magnifico


Millennial, ubermenschen

Louise Mensch flames you, in a a mention

‘Get a job!’ with your creed
And so you did,
to straddle the strata
Seldom read, sometime barter

Rid of pretensions and rid of hid
Rimmed like Oreo for surplus value
Something akin to ‘these skills will expand you’
How sublime, without meter or rhyme
Into the shipping container, with limes



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