Dionysus in Brazil

I’m not certain about what I was going for here. I’ve recently begun a Law degree to purge any remaining elements of arts-love from my psyche. It won’t be long until I’m suiting up and shaking hands, sending emails and despairing at repaying £50,000+ debt.

Dionysus in Brazil


‘Is this bleak enough for you?’
Hardly aware of her departed lover

Gatting like Gadfly
Gladly, Gats change everything
a new start
off world.

A Citing,
of something perfect
Sunday night, Monday morning
Elusive art, like the tumblr, ought to be served
on the rocks

Consider the roof garden
alone and lighting up an amber dot,
rolled by dead sea scholars

sloshing with soft focus, beaten down by a 1000 celestial kingdoms

none so didactic
as the one that speaks

the daily humiliation
of favelas, and the darkness over the valley


Sometimes I don’t know how to act on my own

Remember how hard you tried to impress the Asian property magnate
with auto-pilotisms, instead of thinking

A gloss over the canopy and the tribes

To be living within a century
with billboards of the present dispensation,

blanked in a torrent
the totality

Haiti, Hong Kong, Hard luck


The fact that love and the universe exist
would be enough
with or
without tabula gaza

How long is ‘sustainable’ sustainable?
A car alarm, a mouth opens in dream

You stand beneath the light of your childhood flat
watching Eurasian telenovellas

You knew when Mother was down
when Hoover was roaring and the warbless singing began

Paces about her room again, alone
Try not to be your mother

try not to have a lingering effect
like depleted uranium
or soil degradation

or birth defects

or imperialism

or didacticism

or communist intellectuals


try not to be… 


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