Images of love and solidarity

Structured via a two-week stay in Kentucky. I don’t feel compelled to explain why I haven’t written anything in 150 days since no body reads this. This blog has just become a repository.

Images of love and solidarity

Five am air, like pre-industrial revolution
Alcohol and neon to swallow the IT whole
Let me live in my insular, self-pitying world
living the world designed the computer


Entering the image
I forget the referent
Let me live in a world of hugs
Inseperable from the biometric scans and Cartier outfits

Eyesight of a badger, bag search, insignia and daggers


Amazon and swallows,
shoppings list and speculation
Let me live in a gumbo
The eternal hyper-real highway
an eternal Southern sunshine, a mythologised suspension oozing asphalt 
and furred with sentiment

I sniff the scent to remember the image
Still carrying its illegal atoms of something veridical
For the crying like clockwork
Everything but posturing, for the embrace



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