A Failed Entertainment

So I’ve been reading some of DeLillo’s White Noise and the television and meta fiction essay from DFW’s A Supposedly fun thing… 
Both of which are astonishingly prescient in their concern for not least the vapidity of the social unit between the individual and screens and brand identity as a neat and schematic shorthand for character. No, that’s too easy and deserves more attention than this surmising paragraph. I’m not sure how filmic/visual grammar codes can be subverted  or even if they should.

In the meantime this post-it of faux-passion will do. If I only had increasingly abundant slots of time. Not happening any time soon.

A failed entertainment: a memo

The sum of character defects
always a diminished state
between metastatsis and advetorial break

It’s time
oiled ‘n’ primed
marched to the market economy, with diminished autonomy
The fascination of the abomination
Aerial primetime confrontation
On the run from the hounds of ratings


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