This is Advertising [or a lazy post]

To write something larger than an essay, short story, monologue or poem would be nice. It, that is to say a novel, would invariably mean placing all my learned eggs and ideas into one sizzling congealed mass that one Sunday morning will whiff down the halls with all the smelly hallmarks of fry-up readiness. Until then I shall continue a lead a stressed, sedentary life reading, continuing to satisfy the ones I love, maintain a modicum of academic focus while it quietly gets pulled from under my tellingly old eyes. But there’s no way to escape it. Both the prospect of being ready for the market-place slaughterhouse and the mortality of course.

Perhaps now would be a good time to crack [no egg puns] a joke beyond the despair which pervades that paragraph above?

And not that banalified, over-used form of despair but something else which I can’t accurately describe…yet.

Anyway, here’s to 2013.

There’s an essay I’ve been working on coming in the Spring. Until then it’s exams and absence mostly (I know a handful of you only inadvertently stumble here so I’m essentially talking to myself)



This is advertising with a queerly sour authoritarian twist.

In regular market-ads

Attractive people  are shown ensnared in near illegal quantities

of this alleged strain of  ‘good time’

locked in a kind of rictus of pleasure

high-gloss reams, frozen in exquisitely pained laughter


This is advertising using 2nd Person throughout, near-imperative

use of the No.2,  He explained

that you will say ‘you will say’

”I couldn’t agree more”

You’re excused from servility and condescension


You’re excused from doing the work of bothering to construct a fantasy

The ads expend all the neurological effort you ever need to expend.

They don’t flatter your ‘rationality’, or even ignore it

They gag and supplant it.


As such: People whose hull, whose bundle is defined entirely by transactions

In inter-textual exchanges

Defined by relationships to external reality through static items

as a mode of psychological continuity

A fixed constant while to shed flecks of skin cells

and replace water

Is to replace a commodity.


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