The White-Trash Experience/Never Let Me Go

The White-Trash Experience/Never Let Me Go

Foxes nose needles
As Squirrels run back to trees
I gaze
Out of the window
Averting emotional blackmail from within
The inability to escape the urban
-13th floor
-Will the squirrel come back?
The urban landscape’s irreverisble change
But an immutable smile remains-
Sandy hair and Verelstian flowered bag
Bottled in memory in the shutroom of psyche-
Never let me go-
Pacing up and down the cell-
Waiting to be released! Crying-
Never let me go-
Without language or education I crawl back
(I can only stand alongside)
Back to the estate-
Never let me go.

Lost myself on the New Brighton Peninsula
Lost you and I’ve lost everything
The Mersey waves wash over my head
Will squirrels come back-
Failed with fear-
I mumbled without language-
-Lost all sense-
Lost everything-
Never let me go.
Language and peninsula erode-
Empires rise and fall-
Dazed and dissociated
Stumbling without word or smile-
Grey vistas save street parties-
To cuddly oppressors-
Within or without-
Never let me go.

All day and night
Save Winter
Every Weather
Never let me go.


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