Ecstatic Disorientation (Ad Infinitum)

This one contains near saturation of sincerely felt cliches and platitudes.  I thought Bright Eyes’s ‘First Day of My Life’ was an apt accompaniment.

Ecstatic disorientation 

Eyes azure blue

Skies azure blue on the 11:03 to you

The first Friday

Coy glances

Heart dances.



Diaphanous white dress

(with flowers)

A guide to a London address

to circumvent distress

I confess-

A curling desire to kiss

And caress


I profess

To cease the rhymes of -ess

This is somewhat terrible so far 

(I guess you could guess?)

I’m doing my best.



Softly surrender

to a Life present and tender

The inability to live in the moment is crippling

Succinctly sliced snips of my own silence are delivered

Accompanied by smiles

(Why didn’t I say anything?)

Hand on train window

(Why couldn’t I say anything?)

I love you.



Chasms that keep us apart

Chasms away

Behind train windows and instant messaging windows



Unsure if I’m selfish

For I want one thing

And it’s You.

And Time Ad Infinitum.



I could only think of the end-

The sadness- 

From the very beginning-

Brevity clamps my smile.



(an unpoetic 209 miles away)

Run away from this estate-

This unreal prison of melancholy-

Fiscal and physical decay-

To light ad infinitum-

No delay-

To something marginally-

If not- 







2 thoughts on “Ecstatic Disorientation (Ad Infinitum)

  1. Just so gorgeous…..I am not the one with words, but with pictures, but this is just sincerely lovely and I am so happy you see the smallest good in me ;u;~

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