Clumsy Doubling: A European History

A pretty poor attempt by myself. Perhaps I’ll rewrite and remould sometime (if Europe still exists). I just wanted to express some fleeting feelings.

Beyond bluer moods and satirical interludes
Of Icelandic amnesiacs in banks interrogate
That sank under geysers
Larger than Pfizer
No time to advise her

Mist and Spray
It’s getting late

Seas of green tear gas pay
For cultural debts and coke on the cabinet floor
Powdered opulence and empty line graphs
Clumsy doubling inflammatory to politicians and philosophers.

Two Troikas
Twos and threes
Dissidents down on your knees
The Stasi said to me

Spotlight shines stalemate

Generic platitudes and forms
Infested dorms
Adhere to the framework

The writers of the greatest fiction
Found in not-so prosaic zero-zero-slash-slash-b

Clumsy doubling
Clumsy doubling
And History repeats

My dear
It’s a Greek Tragedy

(How hackneyed)

Then you’re sorting peas
Clumsy doubling

On grubby knees
And History repeats.

Four Quartets and we’re courting

Disaster in the Dardenelles

Slowly smouldering
Existential crisis grills
The precipice behind the Parisian Townhouses
The humidity of Belleville in Summer
Beyond recognition crumbles concrete
The precipice behind the cul-de-sac
Out of view

Awkwardly devoted to the derailed gravy train
I grow not hot with eternal winter
Clumsy doubling and grand narrative
Clumsy doubling and grand narrative
Grand and derailed.
Strasbourg smiles.

The cascade down the mountain 

Dreaming, perhaps, of a night of fear.
And thoughtless technocrats.
‘Credit rating ‘U’

There’s no you!’
Clumsy doubling
Reduce, reduce

And silence eclipses sanity.

Unreal city

Soup queues stretch in Surrey

Salzburg, Seville, Southwards down the Seine

Tanks, repression ensue

Clumsy doubling

Clumsy doubling

And History repeats.


5 thoughts on “Clumsy Doubling: A European History

  1. “Two Troikas
    Twos and threes
    Dissidents down on your knees
    The Stasi said to me” gorgeous words *^*! I suppose this stanza really popped out at me just because it reminded me so heavily of literature written by under-communism dissidents like Solzhenitsyn (tho he was more of a realism writer), Heda Margolius Kovaly, and Tadeusz Borowksi. Very very haunting *u*!

      • Hhhng you should! You’d very much enjoy the themes of isolation and brooding fear in most of their works~ I know I’ve suggested Solzhenitsyn to you a bunch of times, but Kovaly’s book Under a Cruel Star is also very haunting. Then Slavenka Drakulic has some fascinating books on the subject (A Guided Tour of the Museum of Communism and Cafe Europa are the best I think), of course gotta include Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being (you would love this one, very introspective and large alienation themes) and finally Borowski’s This Way to the Gas Chambers, Ladies and Gentlemen (about Poland during WW2, it’s a satirical piece). Aaa sorry I really love this sort of literature, Eastern/Central European writers are very undervalued in my opinion *^*!

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