Pre-language / Thought for Saturday 24th March 2012

‘The creation of a poem is also the creation of the cosmic wholeness that gives meaning to the poem, and each poet must independently make his own world-picture, his own language within language’ Percy Shelley

I’ll repeat it again: Is Anthropology anything more than mere, sterile euphemism for a wider iceberg of never ending fetishism and fascination for everything around us?

On second thoughts perhaps I should expand this idea to encompass the sum total of all studies that can be traced back to humanity (not that I’m trying to perpetuate a human-centric view of the universe at all), the study of the human condition and the inherent ‘humaness’ we all inhabit as we strive (at least so I think) to answer the ultimate questions. These include: Neuroscience, Psychology, the many facets of Law, Criminology, Behavioral Economics, English (in its wide variety and splendor), Epistemology etc. etc.

I could go on though I won’t as I recognize perhaps (to some) this is all a tad cumbersome and even hackneyed. I won’t play the role of pseudo-academic any more (at least for the remainder of this post) but I will recommend a truly sublime, must-see (I don’t use it if I don’t mean) BBC Horizon documentary (for UK web denizens only) on everything I’ve badly regurgitated in the past three or so paragraphs – it’s not easy trying to summarise the entirety of all human endeavors into a digestible plate of verbage, okay?!

Anyway, here’s an impromptu, rather short poem about these very ideas…

Mr Wittgenstein’s language game

The frame

Of it all

From nonchalant drawls to thermonuclear brawls

The mode of addressing 

And expressing 

Drawing on cave walls 

Drawing the fall

A 200,000 year crawl

From Renaissance Halls

to the Turbine Hall 

‘Lost in Translation’  muddied semantics

  At the  mall

Perceive me as little pedantic ?

A  huge snob?

Do I make your brain throb?


You’re staring at me

If there are no words to correspond with the idea

Is it still an idea?


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