Me? Anti-Union?

I’ve been extremely busy of late so again, no tangential lectures here. Just plain speaking (I hope). You may remember (Who am I kidding? It’s a few scrolls below you on the home page and nobody visits) an insignificant-ish poem I wrote entitled ‘Static at the Station’ featuring the lines ‘Though the Union eulogy was manufactured long ago’. A friend lamented to me recently that this sound like distinct anti-union rhetoric from me. Not so! If quite, quite the contrary as expressed in other innumerable instances which are face-slappingly evident throughout the sum of everything that I value. Read it closely. Or perhaps I’ve made an erroneous *ahem* I should say, cock-up by being sweepingly broad on this one-verse non-entity. Which would make perfect sense – it filled less than a hour to write and far, far from perfect as the base of impromptu thought.

In addition, I’ve deleted my ‘Sleepwalking into the Minefield’  poem due to it *ahem* infringing upon the rules of my Foyles poetry submission. Sorry.


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