Foyle Young Poets Submission

It’s unlikely many people make a virtual pilgrimage to this blog in particular, however for those who are interested (not many) in the rubbish I churn out, I have news. Big news? No, well somewhat. I have redrafted ‘Sleepwalking into the Minefield’ with some new verses and a new title: ‘Requiem for Jellied Equilibrium OR Sleepwalking into the Minefield’. Like most items I post, this has an odour of self-gratification and pretension and I won’t discuss the thematic or *shudder* intellectual particulars (mostly because there are none). Anyway, I’ve submitted it for ‘The Foyle Young Poets Award 2012’ open to anyone between 11-17 I believe. The closing date is late July and I’m not certain if I’ll be rule-breaking by posting it anytime sooner. Then again, the overwhelming majority of the poem is already ‘here’ by which I mean on the blog, of course.

Expect both poems posted or one retracted. I can’t decide.


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