Mushroom Clouds

Image by Jonathan Ducruix

The Quiet New Born

“His name was Alexei”

They mourned


Under a silent sigh and a cobalt streaked sky

(no stimuli)

The lights of every city run away

(no laughs)

On the last train out

(no cries)

The inconsequence  of 100 Billion Lies


Under a treacly black dome

Tracks should rattle 

Where a vacuum inhabits


The space and time 

Where fleeting fits 

of joy

Loved and boomed

Lived and bloomed


Now button-pressers prattle 

Hush: Ignore the reasons.

It blooms.


2 thoughts on “Mushroom Clouds

  1. Chilling. I’m glad that you posted the text as I honestly could hardly listen to it with the images filtering by. Not that it is not good for people to be reminded of these images, but they pretty much fill the consciousness when there. Loved and boomed, lived and bloomed. Whoa. K.

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