The London Verses No.1

Following the late-night creation of “The London Verses” page stating my poetic intentions I have since been trapped, both in contemplative thoughts and literally, in my room trying to capture individual essences and snapshots (whatever that could mean) of the many, varied facets of London from Kingston to King’s Cross, Peckham to Putney, Enfield to Euston. Well, you get the idea.Here is one those “snapshots” entitled “The London Verses No.1”.


Consumers march up and down Oxford Street

Indiscrete advertising designed to fall,  fail and fill them,


And Repeat.


Tell me:

With what wisdom, 

What it is the Elite excrete 

Whether Whitehall or City Hall?


The never-ending Sprawl:

A profound sense of loss in Highgate 

Taxis late at City Gate

Cyclists tempting fate 

Quiet cries of desperation from a Tottenham Estate


A blocked Blackwall tying up your godforsaken travel update.


And Repeat. 


More London Verses coming soon.


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