[UNTITLED] Thought for Saturday

Are these things really better than the things I already have?
Or am I just trained to be dissatisified with what I have now? Am I just under a spell that says nothing is ever good enough?
Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby

I want out of the labels. I don’t want my whole life crammed into a single word. A story. I want to find something else, unknowable, some place to be that’s not on the map. A real adventure.
A sphinx. A mystery. A blank. Unknown. Undefined. Unknowable. Indefinable.
Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters.


I hear the rainforest weeps
While “despondent” businessmen sleep in presidential suites
Silently it depletes

Familiarity in the presence of strangers
I heard the hardy crowd cry
“Tonight we die”


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