Under persistent pressure from two friends who shall remain nameless, those who follow me via Twitter (not many I suspect) will be able to identify the culprits. My sanity finally eroded and so, have taken subsequent residence on the shiny, new (okay, I’m terribly “late”) blogging host of Tumblr, home to an overwhelming number of “reblogged”, predominantly inane GIFS… Regurgitated would be much more apt, but that’s another polemic for another time.

WWW.CRASSERTHANTHOU.TUMBLR.COM is where my new blog resides. Right now, it’s comparatively bare, with only my pseudo-nerd short story posted so far, still highly dubious of its merits, after few months of reflective retrospection. No, that’s faux-modesty, I have a huge (and very real) personal problem with mediocrity (everything I’ve penned/typed so far) so don’t expect any self-congratulation of myself. Moving swiftly on…

Anyway tangential paragraphs on my merits or otherwise, I hope to devote equal attention to both blogs and not descend to neglecting one or another. The HTML coding/sketches have been provided by the transcendent (no other word for her) Devon Murphy, her delightful ranting and artistry can be found here as well as the always excellent Joseph Eatson (tweets as @AmazingToaster) and has a Tumblr of sorts somewhere I’m informed, though too lazy to identify and link.

Have a satisfying Sunday or whatever other polite conclusion usually accompanies…







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