The 3am Poem

Not exactly written at 3AM but 12:50am GMT (in around 15 minutes, I kid you not, that’s the reason it’s so terribly written as is everything I create) so the same sleep-deprived sentiment remains. This is for anyone who can’t or refuses to succumb to their mind/body’s desire to rest.



Additionally, everyone should write in the early hours of the morning… Or is that the delirium speaking?


Here I am; Battling the monsters of dreams just faded and unclung.

It’s 3am; Synapses slowing;

Neural impulses

(Well I guess they’re working, if I am able to write this.)



It’s 3am 

Hopelessly tired 

Mired in a (seemingly) empty world

And admiring the empty road outside my window.



World’s silent

Mind is shrieking.



Not seeking to slow my Consciousness down 

Tomorrow I’ll come round at around twelve-forty five

My first thought will be: Am I still alive ?

Yes, comes the response; Another day to strive

To writhe in the neuroses and anxieties</

Of a Hysterical Society.



It’s 3am; I know I should hit that pillow

Instead I sit here and wallow  

Waiting for something, anything to transpire 

Because dreams can’t ascend higher

Imagination has bounds; Hope I’ll never come around 

Never come around.


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