What I’m working on…

A thousand apologies (A phrase I’m hopelessly attempting to shoehorn into everyday conversation) for the inconsistency of my posts. I recently discovered a poetry competition for persons under 18, which just so happens, I am still remain a minor and eligible for the competition. Rather than regurgitate the competition badly, here’s what the Borough of Enfield’s (A borough in Greater London, of course, for those of you who didn’t know, which I currently reside) website had to say:

This competition looks for poems which are written by young people in Enfield and inspired by the Olympic Games. There are two categories:

One award of £1,000 for the best poem entered by a community group, club, school, or school class (who can provide up to 30 poems for their entry – 18yrs and under).

One award of £200 for a poem by an individual (18yrs and under).

So I’m currently in the hazy and ambiguous process of conceiving (also known as bashing-my-brains out because I’m a talentless fraud) an Olympic-themed poem. The deadline is 12th December so it’s likely that I’ll post it here so time after and there’s an even greater likelihood, I’ll procrastinate and self-critique to such an extent, that I’ll: a) leave the submission b) give up completely. I should finally note, perhaps at my peril, if someone from the Cultural Olympiad stumbles across this (Unlikely, although?) that I feel indifferent at best to the upcoming games; sport simply does not enthuse me in the same way other varieties of literature and film do. Irrespective, I’ll give it a shot.

More soon, I hope…


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