Anti-Erudite: Another abhorrent poem

Looks like self-loathing or a least a very solipsistic interpretation of said loathing is going to become this blog’s defining thematic hallmark. To be completely honest, the aforementioned and the things accompanied closely by with it (too numerous to mention, practically every attribute/fear/desires that maketh man and woman for that matter) are highly interesting to me (and who isn’t interested in human behaviour?), so I’m going to run very far with them…


Circumventing and searching,


What I am looking for?

Acclaim and nothing more, comes to mind.


Been here before: Can’t create new light

Just an absence, a vacuum, It’s very, very trite

Stop reading, I mean it


Prevailing false notions that I am ever so bright.

No, that’s reserved for those who create truth

ex nihilo from deceit

 (the dominant elite)


Stop reading, it’s a fucking fallacy

Knowledge  is a travesty

(and so am I)


Persona non grata

You’re probably smarter


Learn to read

and repeat

Read and repeat

Education: merely a propagation of

(Shudder and sigh)



Constructing a cognitive prison of misinformation and mortar

Words are my warden

Lethargy from my lexicon


Hard to express myself

Nothing is something that cannot be seen
Intellect is obscene

What do I mean?

Where the the unconsicous and the conscious converge

That’s where you’ll find me

Crushed inbetween  a cognitive chasm



It’s Unambiguous and I know nothing

Are you still reading?


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